woensdag 7 september 2016

Work work work work work....

Neverending work in space business!
Even if you actually stop at the stratosphere ;-)

Our electronics team needed to assemble lots of tiny components on our very cool Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs), which are those fabulously practical sheets that hold all our connections. Since all the resistors, capacitors, amplifiers, and other elements of the circuit were not there yet, someone needed to spend long hours to position them on top of the right connections, paste them in place, and then "bake them" (the correct term is "solder") in order to create the link between the component itself and the electrical pathway hidden inside the PCB.

This requires quite some patience, good eyes, and a whole lot of time!
That's why we had an overkill of footage for this little timelapse video about the PCB finalization process.

The second head you see in the video is Thijs Vandenryt's, a brilliant engineer who volunteered to help us! Thank you Super TV!

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