zaterdag 1 oktober 2016

Campaign week has started!

After roughly one year of work, our team has finally made it to the end!
We packed the rest of our experiment in an awesome BRAVIA 55' TV box (just to make sure airport staff will treat it as gently as possible) and got on the plane.
As soon as we landed in Kiruna, we could find again (almost) all the other teams members!
Get in for a group selfie, everyone!
Of course, first thing to do in the evening/night/early morning of our arrival is not sleep... We need to get used to heavy schedules, so: let us re-mount SAM-V3! Remember the awkwardly large magnetometer we once buried in the snow during training week? Well, he came with us once again, but needed some new tweaks, which J&J worked on till too late.

The North of Sweden looks different without the piles of snow. We left a white mass of land in February, to find a green forest! That means a whole new set of activities possible for our free time!
... but will we even have any?
For now, we are busy assembling all components back, fixing last minute changes, and trouble shooting for the last time.
Keep tuned, as we will try to share our progress as frequently as possible in between the rest of the campaign preparations!

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