dinsdag 10 januari 2017

Wrapping it up

Where has OSCAR been?
What have we been up to?

After the launch campaign, the project is not over. Our experiment collected plenty of data, and this data needs to be analysed in order to make use of it and valorise our year-long efforts.
This tedious part of the work has already started, but it's not over yet! We have almost two hundred thousands curves to analyse for the solar cells, and a few hundred sweeps for the magnetometer.

Besides, like all projects, the documentation has to be kept up to date and accurate. Which means we have been busy issueing the last version of our Student Experiment Document, containing all final details on the flight and on the experiment.

In the meantime, since we did fly on a stratospheric balloon, we also got quite some attention from our university in the form of a UHasselt video story!
This can be viewed on our YouTube channel, together with other outreach-related videos from the past months.

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