zondag 13 maart 2016

Preliminary Design Review week - Arrival in Kiruna

A space project or mission undergoes several stages or phases. More information on how project management for space missions is performed can be found in this document

After being selected to participate in the REXUS/BEXUS program, we entered the preliminary design stage. Within this phase, it's necessary to declare the mission statement (the goal), define the functions, and the requirements which the experiment shall fulfill. More importantly, the first ideas on how to practically execute the experiment are documented. In our case, this document is called the Student Experiment Documentation (SED). The first version of the SED is subjected to a Preliminary Design Review (PDR) to discuss the definition of the requirements, the practical ideas, the time planning, safety issues,...  

We had our PDR during the training week in February (15/02/2016-19/02/2016) in Kiruna, Sweden. Besides issues specifically related to OSCAR, we got an entire week of seminars and workshops given by experts from the REXUS/BEXUS program. In the following blog posts we will share our daily experiences during the PDR training week. To end this post, we start with our arrival in Kiruna airport on: 

Sunday 14/02/2016 : Traveling to ESRANGE, Kiruna

We (Rob, Ilaria, Jarda and Tim) meet each other at 16:00 (GMT+1) in Stockholm Arlanda airport. Wa catch up with the Italian Stratonav team at the gate and share a good coffee/cappuccino while exchanging the difficulties on writing the SED and preparing for the PDR presentation. (Facebook of stratonav!).At 18:40 we arrive at Kiruna airport. The airplane taxies on the snow!

We are really looking forward to this week, Rob even forgets for a moment it is -10°C outside.


At 23:15 the bus to esrange arrives for a 45 minute drive. After the check-in (00:30) we finally arrive at the hotel and go to bed as we need to be present at 7:15 for breakfast.

More to come tomorrow!!!! Stay tuned....

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