woensdag 16 maart 2016

Preliminary Design Review week: Part III

Wednesday 16/02/2016

Lectures from 8:20 until 18:00 with our PDR meeting with the expert panel right after lunch. The day started with lectures towards software design and we were again present on second row!

After lunch, the moment was finally there: PDR meeting, or as we considered it, D-day. We were all quite nervous! We even forgot to use the available clicker to go through the slides. Nevertheless the expert panel was very constructive and gave us a lot of suggestions.

After PDR, we went straight back to the lectures on verification and got a bit of free time to enjoy the snow.

The evening session started at 19:30 with a team building session. All students were divided into random teams of 6-8 people.  The goal was to rebuild a LEGO plane which was located in the middle of the room. Only one team member of each team was allowed to view the plane, memorize it and describe it to the team. When this team member rejoined the team, another team member could go and observe the LEGO-plane. As soon as you had sketched out the design and were certain it was good, you could go and collect the LEGO blocks and start building it! However no-one of the team was allowed to go and watch the plane again from this moment on. On top of that: The team who finished the plane first got a bonus. However if building errors were present you lost points. One member of the team was not allowed to say anything but needed to observe the functioning of the team and analyse the working method. This was a really nice and good exercise! Everyone enjoyed it.

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