donderdag 4 augustus 2016

Integration Progress Review highlights

Last week, we had our Integration Progress Review, also called "IPR".
Like for all space projects, the entire process needs to be constantly monitored and reviewed, to make sure things are going smoothly.
Also for REXUS/BEXUS projects, we are constantly supervised by our sponsoring agencies, who make sure that we are on schedule and that nothing is unaccounted for.

So... we mounted our experiment on a mock-up of the gondola (the metallic cubic frame which will be attached to the balloon), and it looks like what you see in the photo above! Say "Hello!" to OSCAR!

During the meeting, the entire team had the chance to meet our ESA mentor, we discussed the progress with the BEXUS 23 payload manager (who is particularly concerned about the safety hazards related to our experiment... not many!).

The experts brought with them a spectrum analyzer, as well, which allowed us to test that our home made Radio Frequency sweep is staying within the range we need to measure the magnetic field. We can thus be certain our measurement (between 2.82 and 2.9 GHz) does not disturb the data transmission to ground (around 2.4-2.5 GHz)... we and the other teams sure need the data to come down!

We can not yet lay back and relax. The newt review is scheduled for mid September, just before flight! By then, everything needs to be ready!
But in the meantime, we can release some stress over a nice beer with ESA mentor!

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